mynameisoliverqueen: (I Sure Do Stare At Arrows A Lot)

-Red Arrow outfit
-S3 Green Arrow outfit
-These outfits
-A bow and two of each of these (minus one snail arrow). Also about 18 sharp tree branches whittled into arrows.
-two quivers
-jellyfish arrows
-octopus arrows
-step-ladder arrow
-umbrella arrow, bubblebath arrow
-mascara arrow
-glue arrows
-a crudely made weedkiller arrow.
-A first aid kit
-A rusted locker
-This Phone
-A mummy arrow (it shoots bandages out of a sarcophagus tip)
-a tuning fork arrow (exactly what it says)
-an antler arrow (for fighting moose)
-a boxing glove arrow
- five nails.
-1 hammer
-1/2 foot of copper wire.
-2 bricks.
-4 meters of steel cable.
-a single ampoule
Jumper cables
Two tow straps
Small bag of easy light charcoal
3 roman candles
Club that doubles as a fire starter
12 Volt Air Compressor
Extra fuses for a car
Siphon pump – To transfer gasoline
A Very Fashionable Hat
2 – 40 ft sections of old climbing rope
2 – carabineers, a figure eight and enough rope for an emergency swiss seat.
Extra batteries
Seat Belt Cutter
Cell phone charger
120 Volt to 12 Volt Inverter
LED Spotlight
Mag Lite
Tire Repair Kit
Valve stem tool and spare valve stem cores
Roll of black tape
Roll of duct tape
Sun tan lotion
Ice Scraper
2 Gallon Gas Can – With Gas.
One gallon premixed water and antifreeze
Tool Kit – Includes: wrenches, screwdrivers, bits, pliers, spark plug sockets, wire
cutters, a small hack saw, a roll of electric wire, a roll of utility wire, a hammer, and a
bag to carry it all.
-A bloodstained purple backpack
-1 black suit
-several more sensible pairs of pants for active-wear
-three sweaters
-two new pairs of shoes.
-a container of laundry detergent
-1 suit that are blue with red pinstripes


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