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Player Information
Player name: Steve
Contact: [ profile] opticblast
Are you over 18: Yup
Characters in the game already: Celestia Ludenberg ([personal profile] gokigenyou), Emma Frost ([personal profile] parentprogrammed)
Proof of Reserve: Here

Character Information
Character Name: Oliver Queen
Canon: Arrow
Canon Point: After 2x19
Is your character Dead, Undead or Alive:Alive
History: Here's a wiki page for Ollie
Personality: Oliver Queen is very very much a person whose entire personality is shaped by his experiences, or lack thereof.

Prior to his boat sinking, Ollie really hadn't experienced any life changing experiences (that we know of since the show constantly adds new information). He'd dropped out of four different colleges (and apparently only read one book between all four), been arrested a few times for doing stupid tabloid material stuff, and generally coasted through life on his family's money.

The few times Ollie was going to get life changing experiences, he either went out of his way to avoid them (handling the problem of moving in with his girlfriend by sleeping with her sister) or his mother made them go away (paying a girl Ollie got pregnant to move to another city). Since he never really had to deal with anything, odds are he'd continue just coasting through life unless some sort of horrific catastrophic event happened.

And then the Queen family boat sank off the coast of the island of Lian Yu. The first of several life changing events for Ollie. Rapidly followed by the suicide of Robert Queen, his father, being stranded on Lian Yu, and dealing with a mercenary army that happened to be based on the island. And that's just the start of things. As of this section being written, the sum of Ollie's experiences haven't been revealed and are still constantly being added too, but it is known that when he was rescued from Lian Yu five years later, he was a changed man.

The Oliver Queen that returned wanted to do something about the rampant waves of corruption and crime affecting his city. So he decided to put the skills and experiences from the island to use and became a vigilante that shot arrows at the problem. Unfortunately while Ollie has the skills to act as a vigilante, he's not exactly as talented when it comes to balancing that with his regular life. Especially not while trying to fit back into a society he's been absent from for five years. So while he's doing his best, he's not exactly perfect at it. He's not a skilled liar at all, so his cover stories sort of suck (overuse of motorcycle accidents as an excuse, a bullet ridden laptop having coffee spilled on it, a dangerous new street drug is totally an energy drink, etc.). He can also be pretty arrogant about things (thinking he can mold Helena Bertinelli into someone like him (he couldn't), thinking he could take down Cyrus Gold (he did but ended up almost dying in the process). He also tends to have a blind spot when it comes to the people around him, but for all these faults, he made out relatively okay for his first year as a vigilante. He managed to take down some serious threats and assembled a small group of people that assist him.

But then once again, life through Oliver a curveball. While dealing with Malcom Merlyn, Malcom's son, and Oliver's closest friend, Tommy Meryln died. And this messed Ollie up pretty badly. He withdrew from life, going back to the island, and when he came back, he realized that since Tommy died saving people, he should probably focus on saving people instead of shooting the problems, and occasionally saving people in the process.

This new vow pretty much colors all of Ollie's vigilante work from then on. Is he still shooting criminals? Yes. Is he killing them? No. He even went as far as to distance himself from his own persona (while still keeping the same outfit) by deciding that he didn't want to be called the Hood anymore.

The only real exception to this that we've seen is when his friends and family are threatened. Ollie killed Count Vertigo for trying to kill his friend and ally, Felicity, and most recently he's planning to kill Slade Wilson for threatening his family, those his attempts have been disasters at best. But other than that, he's trying really hard not to kill people anymore.

So to sum this up, we have a guy that went from millionaire playboy to masked vigilante over the course of five years. However, he's still evolving as a person (going from openly using lethal methods to mostly nonlethal ones), and given that every so often traumatic experiences seem to occur to push him along, he's still got a ways to go before he finishes developing into the person he wants to be (or the person he's made to be, depending on what happens).

Items on your character at canon point:
His clothes. No, not his superhero costume, just regular clothes.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses:
Oliver has no superhuman abilities to speak of! He's extremely skilled with a bow, has knowledge of various martial arts disciplines, and various acrobatic skills, but he's definitely within normal human limits for these things!

During his time on the island, he also picked up a number of assorted noncombat skills including being multilingual (Mandarin Chinese and Russian in addition to English), field medic/first aid skills, various knowledge of poisons and how to treat them, and limited hacking skills (demonstrated in the first episode).

He's also shown the ability to beat a polygraph test, so while his lies are sort of terrible, he can actually pass a polygraph with them.

In addition to the personality flaws listed in personality, like I said, Ollie has no superhuman abilities! He's shown to have a pretty high pain tolerance, but he's still subject to all the weaknesses that normal human beings have!
Network/Action Spam Sample:

Is there a doctor here? I tripped earlier. Fell on a rock and need to make sure nothing's broken.

[And to see what the medical situation here's like.

There's also another mass text sent soon after that one.]

Also where can I find a bike around here?

[And another one after that.]

And a helmet?

[Okay, he's done now. Not really expecting to get anything on the motorcycle end, but hey, it's worth a shot. And should give people an impression of him he actually wants them to have.]

Prose Log Sample:
When he'd first arrived here, he'd immediately thought of the island. There wasn't much to back that up since it obviously wasn't the same place, but it was just his first thought to being stranded in some awful place for an indeterminate amount of time with no real way out.

And the more he thought about it, the more he realized those thoughts were right. Not that it was the island, but that it really was a similar place when he bothered to think about it. Everyone here was really in the same boat he was back then. Taken from the world they were comfortable with and dumped here, left to survive against a world they weren't really familiar with.

But at the same time it was also like his city. Full of shadowy people and things willing to exploit and torment the people who lived here without a care as to what happened to them or how much suffering they caused. True, he didn't really know much about what was going on there, but he'd do his best to put a stop to it. After all, while he may not know the people here, they needed someone to protect them from the things that go bump in the night.

Which was why he was out here today, gathering various sticks and branches that he thought maybe, just maybe could be whittled and carved into something more useful. Something that could be used to protect this place from those who would cause harm to the people here.

And if anyone asked what he was doing, he could just tell them he was gathering firewood. Though that runs the risk of someone possibly asking for some. Okay then, he'll collect some more random branches in case of that. After all, he's sure someone could use them. Come to think of it, he could probably use some actual firewood too.


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